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The Terme sensoriali, found within the Acqua Santa spa park, is a structure based on naturopathy criteria, located in the enchanting Tuscan countryside. The Terme sensoriali are found within Terme di Chianciano's Acqua Santa spa park and are reached by foot. You may leave your car in the nearby car parks in Piazza Martiri Perugini. The park may also be accessed from the entrance in largo Iris Origo. Admission to the Terme sensoriali, split up into three time slots (some evenings admittance is also granted at 9.30 pm), must be booked, as is the case for any packages and massages or treatments. Children over 12 years of age are admitted when accompanied by their parents. We recommend bringing slippers and a swimming cap which are in any case sold at the cash desk along with bathing costumes, while robes and towels are provided free of charge on entrance.




Theia, "she who shines far", was the mother of Selene in Etruscan mythology and the brand new spa pools, four outdoor and three indoor, couldn't not be named after her. The pools - over 500 meters squared of tubs - are all connected and filled with water from the Sillene spring. They are located in via della Foresta, behind the Sillene structure which is accessed from Piazza Marconi. Animated by water jets and hydromassage, they are equipped with parasols and sunbeds. There is also a bar-restaurant and wifi connection. Rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulphates, which give it its typical opaqueness, the waters offer an antiinflammatory action on the muscular, skeletal system and are nourishing for the skin. Children below three years of age are admitted and do not have to pay the entrance fee, however they may not use the pools. Children above three years of age may use the pools along with their parents. The temperature of the water in the pools is between 33 and 36 degrees, so the outdoor pools may also be used in all seasons. The tub floor and the outdoor areas are furnished with loungers, sunbeds, parasols, tables and chairs. There is also a bar offering hot and cold dishes. There are different entrance formulas. Prices vary from 12 Euros for 4 hours on weekdays. There are also special family offers. Closed on Tuesdays.




The ancient healing vocation of Terme di Chianciano is confirmed by the discovery of remains of Etruscan-Roman Age, linked to the cult of the water: sacred statuettes and votive reproductions of livers in stone and bronze. The area was long disputed between the Ghibellines of Siena and the Guelphs of Orvieto, supported by Florence. The first enhancement of thermal waters occurred only in the '600, when the political situation stabilized in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The rest is recent history: between 1915 and 1929 were built the first structures. The source of holy water emerges from a rocky grotto topped by a hill. From the collecting tank, the water passes in a pipe in articulated fittings 11 and as many spouts, for pouring which occurs in a large hall. The park, which covers an area of ​​more than 7 hectares and is divided into paths in the green, between flower beds and trees, also includes the Nervi Hall, the Bar with the Octagon Room, an area for dancing and music outdoor listening, an avenue for shopping, the Sensory Spa and Sala Fellini. At the park are located, on the edge of a fountain, two symbolic peacocks in bronze of the eighteenth century.



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